Javi Marroquin Just Made It To His First Doctor’s Appointment For His Second Child

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Lauren Comeau is rumored to be several months pregnant.

Javi Marroquin attended his first doctor’s appointment for his second child on Monday and his fans want to know why it took him so long.

After Marroquin took to his Twitter page and told his fans and followers that he “was able to make it to my first doctor appt today,” the Teen Mom 2 dad faced backlash from his online audience, who slammed him for not being present for previous visits.

“Seriously, your first one? Isn’t she like 6 months along????” one person asked.

While others defended Marroquin, claiming that because he is in the military, it isn’t easy for him to take off work, some pointed out that he seems to take off frequently for his many vacations. Then, when one woman suspected Marroquin was attempting to keep a low profile until the news was out, another woman pointed out that Marroquin revealed his girlfriend Lauren Comeau’s pregnancy months ago.

As the comments continued to flood in, so did the criticism and after facing mean comments about not attending a doctor’s appointment sooner, Marroquin began getting questioned about how his girlfriend is so far along when it wasn’t long ago that he proposed to Briana DeJesus.

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