Ivanka Trump’s Human Trafficking Awareness Instagram Could Not Have Come At A Worse Time

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Also, please note that the Instagram’s location is “the White House.” Little does she know what’s happening just a few doors down from her. I’m cringing.

Because the timing of this Instagram just couldn’t be any worse. Earlier on Jan. 11 Donald Trump reportedly referred to Haiti and a number of African countries as “sh*thole countries” during an Oval Office meeting with Congressional leaders. The president reportedly asked why the United States should accept immigrants from countries like Haiti, El Salvador and Guatemala, asking why the United States couldn’t instead take immigrants from places like Norway. The comments naturally sparked huge backlash from Twitter and the media, with people calling the president out for his lack of feeling and the racist overtones of his comment.

But despite the inopportune timing of Ivanka Trump’s post, let’s not ignore the seriousness of human trafficking. The International Labour Organization estimates that there are over 20 million victims of human trafficking worldwide, and more than half of them are women and girls. And it’s not a distant problem, either. Anti-slavery organization Polaris reports that its National Human Trafficking Hotline averages about 100 calls a day, with more than 31,000 cases of human trafficking reported to the hotline in the past eight years.

And her post is in another way, very timely: January is National Slavery and Human Trafficking Prevention Month, which was started in 2011 by former President Barack Obama. The anniversary of this proclamation, Jan. 11, became known as Human Trafficking Awareness Day. In the announcement of the newly observed month, Obama said,

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