Intermittent Fasting: the latest weight loss trend on the block that ACTUALLY WORKS

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Losing weight doesn’t come easy. And those who want to lose weight have tried and tested everything possible from gymming and cutting back on calories, to keto and cheese diets. 

The latest slimming trick on the block though is the intermittent fast diet. A lot of celebrities swear to it from Hugh Jackman and Nicole Kidman to Jennifer Lopez and Miranda Kerr are known for religiously following this diet. Back home, Rhea Kapoor and celebrity chef Pooja Dhingra also follows it religiously. So what’s all the buzz about? Let’s find out!


This is not a diet in the conventional sense. It’s more of an eating pattern since it doesn’t really specify which foods you can eat but when you should eat it. You can practice variations of this fast. You can fast for 16 hours or 24 hours, depending on your capacity, twice every week. Once you get used to it, you can increase it to thrice, but it is not advisable to go above that!


There are three most popular methods of this fast:


The 5:2 diet: You follow this twice a week on two non-consecutive days. During the day, you consume not more than 500 calories but continue to eat regularly on the other 5 days. 


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