I’m Starting to Think We’re Teens in a Modernized Shakespeare Movie

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Anyway, I know that we all want to have the most awesome prom ever. We’ve been dreaming of this prom our entire lives. So much so that it’s like we’re getting married or something, or would be in a more patrilineage-driven culture. But we’ve got to remember that there’s more to life than high school, and college, and rapidly rising from intern to C.E.O. of the Scotland Corporation. We’ve got to stop and appreciate the turn-of-the-seventeenth-century vibe around here. And I think you’d all see that if you paid attention, instead of falling in love with one another at the very last second.

Fine, declaim all night. I’m going to go catch up with my girlfriend, who thinks I’m dead. When I tell her I’m alive, she’s going to be so glad and also alive!