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I’m a Bisexual Guy and, No, It’s Not Just a Phase

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A number of months ago, I came out as bisexual to my new homosexual good friend. It took just a few minutes for him to ask once I’d last had intercourse with a lady. I was ready for the question and gave him the reply without missing a beat. This was nothing new to me.

I am nicely conscious that folks typically view my openness about being bisexual as a tacit relinquishing of privateness about my intercourse life. For many people who aren’t bisexual, I’ve to show myself—and the truth that, no, I am truly not homosexual—by brazenly having sex with individuals of a number of genders at any given time.

Individuals have persistently requested me these types of questions since I used to be 14, the first time I publicly came out as bisexual. As I dated women all through my teenage years, my associates would ask me if I was nonetheless sure I was bisexual. Once I started thus far guys in school, my mother and father requested me if I had “picked a aspect” but. Once I advised them I used to be still bisexual, they assumed I was nonetheless going by means of a part and would ultimately determine to be straight or gay.

Anyone who’s waiting for me to select a aspect might be waiting eternally because it is never going to occur. I am bisexual, and that is that.

I get it. Even I once thought that bisexual individuals decided to both be straight or gay.

Once I was youthful, bisexuality was overseas to me. It isn’t like I abruptly awakened someday with the eureka second that I appreciated boys and girls. As an alternative, my attraction to women got here first. In the third grade, I used to be smitten with a woman who played in the band with me. It was in my pre-teen years that I began to seek out boys my age engaging. It started with an in depth good friend and branched off to different guys I hung out with on numerous sports groups.

At first, I assumed everyone was interested in individuals of a number of genders too and that they’d determine to be both straight or gay (or get categorized à la Harry Potter’s sorting hat perhaps). Then someday, I Googled “I like boys and girls.” When the phrase bisexual got here up, I used to be lastly capable of verbalize my points of interest.

As I grew older, I found more strong definitions of bisexuality, like that of bisexual activist Robyn Ochs, that deeply resonated with me as somebody who’s interested in individuals everywhere in the gender spectrum. “I name myself bisexual because I acknowledge that I have in myself the potential to be attracted—romantically and/or sexually—to individuals of multiple intercourse and/or gender, not essentially at the similar time, not essentially in the same method, and never necessarily to the identical diploma,” Ochs writes.

Although I absolutely embrace my bisexuality, popping out can nonetheless be an anxiety-inducing expertise, like it is for many different queer individuals.

Regardless of my popping out as bisexual over a decade in the past, it’s something I nonetheless do often with pals and strangers alike. For bisexual individuals, coming out occurs each time we’ve a associate with a unique gender than our previous ones or once we’re hanging out with individuals in several contexts. I come out to homosexual individuals who meet me in gay areas and to straight people who meet me in straight areas. Relying on where I am, how I current, or who I’m with, my bisexuality might or will not be believed.

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