Huge Study Finds a Bizarre Link Between Bottle Feeding And Left-Handedness

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The way infants are fed and nurtured in the first year of life could have something bizarre to do with being left- or right-handed, a new study suggests.

The meta-analysis, which look at over 60,000 mother-child relationships, has now shown that left-handedness is lower among breastfed infants compared to bottle-fed infants.


To be very clear, this isn’t to say that breastfeeding will cause a child to be right-handed, or that bottle-feeding will lead to left-handedness (or that either is better than the other).

After all, research has shown that a person’s dominant hand is determined at least partially by genetics long before birth. And, of course, correlation doesn’t equal causation. 

Instead, the authors are suggesting that breastfeeding could play a fascinating role in which side of the brain controls our dominant hand, a process called cerebral lateralisation.

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