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How to Use Sulphate of Iron to Kill Moss | Home Guides

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Spray or shower moss with sulphate of iron answer, wetting it completely. Avoid contacting sidewalks, patios, garden furnishings or other non-organic gadgets. Sulphate of iron won’t harm grass when utilized at the advisable fee. Nevertheless, anticipate grass to turn out to be darker inexperienced with out rushing up its price of progress.


Wait three to 4 days for the moss to shrivel up and turn brown. Use a backyard rake to loosen the moss and remove it from the lawn.

Things You Will Want

  • sulphate of iron
  • 5-gallon bucket
  • water
  • garden rake
  • backyard sprayer


  • Take soil samples and check the pH of your lawn. Testing kits are available from garden supply shops and hardware shops. Comply with directions provided with the package. If your soil is acid, apply lime at the advisable price to improve growing circumstances for grass, which prefers soil with a impartial pH degree.
  • If shade is causing moss to grow in your garden, contemplate thinning tree branches and pruning shrubbery to extend the sunshine reaching the affected space of your lawn.

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