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How to Use Sulphate of Iron to Kill Moss | Home Guides

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Apply diluted sulphate of iron with a watering can to small patches of moss.

The presence of moss in your lawn signifies poor rising circumstances for grass. Moss grows the place grass can’t survive, corresponding to nutrient poor soil, soil with excessive acidity, soil that’s compacted or drains poorly or the place there’s extreme shade or thatch accumulation. Sulphate of iron, also called iron sulphate or ferrous sulphate, utilized in winter or early spring kills moss. After the moss turns brown, rake it unfastened with a backyard rake and take away it from the garden.


Combine 3 ounces sulphate of iron in 5 gallons of water. Five gallons of diluted sulphate of iron covers 1,000 sq. ft. Take precautions when mixing the sulphate of iron with water, as sulphate of iron stains wood, concrete and other non-organic materials.


Pour the sulphate of iron answer right into a hand sprayer, backpack sprayer or watering can for software to the garden. Pump-type sprayers work greatest for giant areas, however small areas could be watered with a bathe spout.

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