How to Still Fit Into Your Formal Dress After Thanksgiving Dinner

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This year, Thanksgiving and formal are arriving on our calendars hand in hand. Just when we thought awkward date nights were over, there’s an even more high-key event where it’s expected we show face and pull off a way too revealing dress with our arms thrown over a dreamy guy. As soon as we thought we could politely say “ciao” to our summer diets, we must keep our bodies looking fire while simultaneously trying to have a healthy Thanksgiving (if that’s even remotely possible). 

There are two options we could take. 1. We could be incredibly unhappy this Thanksgiving and pass the stuffing, the mashed potatoes, and the pumpkin pie, and instead we could force our mothers to make everything gluten-free while our dad is grilling a tofurkey. Or, 2. if you’re a dreamer like me, I believe there are ways to healthily eat what we want and when we want, while still feeling confident enough to show off a dress to a stranger of a date. There’s a fine line between a strict diet and having the entirety of our aunt’s apple pie all for ourselves. This fine line is what will save us this Thursday. This fine line will save us from gripping our bloated turkey tummies on the dance floor in only a couple of weeks.

Here are 10 simple tips to having a somewhat manageably healthy Thanksgiving. No, it will not miraculously make you lose those 10 pounds you’ve been wanting to lose since last winter break last year. Also, I am not saying your appearance matters on formal night. By no means am I saying you must look a certain way in order to pull off your upcoming formal, and by no means am I saying you should hold off on the stuffing this Thanksgiving. My only goal is to make you feel healthy and confident once you slip on that dress, while also being able to eat whatever TF you want.

1. Limit the Portions 

While I nibble on my Strong Hearts Mediterranean Salad, I dream of turkey with gravy, along with stuffing and some pumpkin pie. It’s no surprise that once this meal is finally served to me this Thanksgiving, I will indulge… incredibly. However, there’s a healthy way to indulge. If you love stuffing, limit the portion size to a fistful. If you’re a gravy-fanatic, satisfy your taste buds with a spoonful instead of a boatful. In order to save yourself from severe bloating issues, take each portion lightly. Don’t indulge all at once. After all, don’t you want to enjoy your meal as long as you can?

2. Maybe Stick to a Smaller Plate? 

Another tip to avoid feeling bloated is to eat with a smaller plate. No, I do not mean to eat off of an appetizer plate. I’m simply saying stay clear of a dinner plate that’s capable of holding 4 servings of Thanksgiving dinner. This will help avoid you from eating too much (and eating too fast). 

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