How To Know If He’s “The One” (& Thoughts on Getting Married Young)

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“Will our relationship be honoring to God?”

“Can I serve God better with this person or are they going to hinder my service to God?”

And then be real with yourself and real with God a guy in your life.

But after you say “I do” that person IS “the one”!

2. What did you say when people said, “You think you’re grown up enough to get married, but you’re only 19!”?

Who said we think we’re grown up? Haha!

We didn’t claim at 19 to be grown up and we also didn’t claim to know all the answers.

We just knew that we loved each other and wanted to spend the rest of our lives together.

We knew we had some growing up to do, and it has been SO fun getting to grow up together.

We love it. It’s awesome getting to learn together and experience the world together.

But first, Jesus MUG

3. How did you deal with negative comments like, “Why would you want to throw your life away so young?” 

This one just makes me laugh! But also is really sad at the same time.

I hate it that marriage has that stigma attached to it.

When we were engaged people would give these snide comments about my life being over and I was just like, “are you kidding me?!

These two years have been the best of my life! We have gotten to travel all over the world and also have gotten to have our own little adventures.

How to Know If He's the One and Thoughts on Young Marriage

We don’t just keep to ourselves, either. I think that’s an easy thing to do. It’s important to have time together but we also love to hang out with friends with and without each other. I’ve had friends tell me we’ve changed how they look at marriage.

My own sister said this morning, “Y’all just make marriage look so fun!” John Luke said his mom said one time, “the best thing you can do for a parent is to love their child.” I’ve never forgotten this and I think of it a lot of the time in relation to God.

I think God loves to see His children loving each other well and enjoying each other! That’s one way we can honor Him!

Marriage should be fun. It’s like a sleepover every night with your best friend!

daughters of grace devotional


4. How do you grow spiritually together?

I picture a triangle. 3 points. God at the top. John Luke at one of the bottom points and me at the other.

If we are both seeking God and walking in step with His Spirit, we can’t help but get closer to one another.

If you are both seeking God and walking in step with His Spirit, you can’t help but get closer to one another. Click To Tweet
We love to talk about spiritual things and ideas and things we’ve read from the Bible and heard from sermons and pray together, but I have my relationship with God and John Luke has his relationship with God. The best thing that we can do for each other is grow closer to God.

We each have the Holy Spirit in us and when we are in communion with Him things like “affection for others, exuberance about life, compassion, loyal commitments, etc. (Gal. 5:25 the MSG.)” will appear in our lives and our marriage will benefit from it.

How to Know If He's the One and Thoughts on Young Marriage


5. Do you have any marriage advice you have to share?

Forgive each other and learn to laugh. Our goal is to never go to sleep angry.

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