How To Get The Look Of Lip Injections Without Needles And Pain

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Whether you’re a super fan of Kylie Jenner’s extremely plump lips or simply want to take the lips you were given and make them as healthy looking and gorgeous as possible, lip filler and injections aren’t the only way to go. Yes, a needle and hyaluronic acid will always provide instant results and they’ll give you bigger lips that, while temporary, will be yours long after you remove your lip gloss and lip liner. But lip injections are also expensive ($600-800 or more, depending on the filler you use and your injector’s expertise) and they only last 4-6 months.

If that’s just not in your budget, or you have zero desire to make needles a part of your beauty routine, you have other options that will still give you luscious, plump lips. Follow these four tips and create larger looking lips in minutes. 

1) Over Line Your Lips With Nude Lip Liner

One of the mistakes some beauty lovers make when trying to fake bigger lips is that they use the wrong kind of lip liner pencil to overdraw their lips. Going to town with a red or pink lip liner is going to put you at risk of looking like, well, like you overdrew your lips. Subtlety is key — a nude lip liner or a liner in a soft champagne color serves two purposes: it lets you draw slightly over your natural lip line while still blending in with your lips and skin, and you can use it as a base that prevents lipstick from fading. Line your lips, fill them in with the same nude shade, and follow up with a dot or two of darker nude or rose-gold gloss to make lips look extreme.

2) Contour and Highlight Lips

contour and highlight kit

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