How to Combat Heart Disease and Diabetes? Go Keto, says New Study

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Ketosis is a hot-button topic

Despite the promising findings surrounding the health benefits of a ketogenic diet,  keto is still ruffling the feathers of a few dieticians who believe that ketosis is not a “normal” human state. You might want to ask your hunter-gatherer ancestors what they thought about that… In fact, research demonstrates that nearly 9 out of 10 hunter-gatherer groups’ diets consumed less than a third of calories from carbohydrates[2]. It is important to note that full ketosis does tell the body that you’re in starvation mode, which is why a cyclical diet that includes some carbs can keep your body happy —  and this may be especially true for women.

Ketosis is more about diet than exercise

The key to keto is eating healthy fats while cutting out the mainstay of carbs SAD recommends. This leads to a reduction in blood sugar swings that have you chasing that loaf of bread. Read more about how ketosis works by suppressing your appetite. What’s more, while exercise may be a pillar of a healthy lifestyle – this study demonstrates it’s not a necessity to help you dip into ketosis.

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