How To Boost Your Memory With This Ridiculously Lazy & Science Backed Life Hack

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For example, while it was once thought that the best way to retain new information was to go to sleep, scientists are now suggesting that actively resting is just as good as sleeping. Taking just 15 minutes to relax, get away from all those social news feeds, and simply decompress seems to be one of the best things you can do for your brain.

What’s more, according to Harvard Health, giving your brain some quality time to rest is an excellent way to protect yourself from Alzheimer’s disease, as sleeping prevents the build-up of a specific type of protein plaque in the brain that is known to cause Alzheimer’s.

The importance of giving your brain some rest cannot be overstated, but rest assured, there are other ways you can boost your memory.

Fortunately, there are other memory-boosting hacks that you can do alongside your quick bouts of active resting, since it might not be totally feasible for you to literally sit there and do nothing when you’re at work or in school.

Giving your mind a task or playing a mental game is a great way to keep your brain sharp. For example, taking a few minutes of your day to do a crossword, or read a couple of riddles is an excellent, easy strategy to help boost your memory skills. Another great way to improve your memory is to write important things down, or speak them out loud when you’re trying to memorize them. Forcing your brain to work cross-functionally (like using muscles to write a word out, or saying it out loud) makes it that much more likely the information will stick in your mind for later.

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