How to Balance Your Chakras With Cannabis and Yoga

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Crown Chakra (Sahasrara)

The crown chakra, described as a thousand-petaled lotus, sits atop the crown of the head and opens skyward as a reminder that liberation means recognizing your connection to all that is. The most spiritual and subtle of all the chakras, its color is described as violet, or colorless—light itself. It signifies pure consciousness, pure being, pure potentiality. Sirsasana (Headstand), Nadhi Shodhana (Alternate Nostril Breathing), and meditation are all said to bring the crown chakra to its clearest, most balanced state. The practice of cultivating periodic silence, such as on a silent retreat, nourishes the crown chakra. Euphoric and clear-headed strains, like Jack Herer, could help access that more elevated state. Alternatively, you could pair a crown chakra meditation with CBD alone, for an ultra-clear experience.


Dr. Seeta says that “the idea of balancing chakras with marijuana is a complex one. No chakra stands alone, these energetic centers are dynamic and interconnected.” It’s also important to consider that chakras can be underactive or overactive, which can lead to very different—and equally unhealthy—manifestations. Thus, a personalized approach to balancing the chakras is always best. Consulting an ayurvedic practitioner who is open to cannabis as plant medicine can be a good start.

Or, follow your intuition. “I think a lot comes down to intention,” says MC Flow. “It’s about using cannabis mindfully, as a tool for exploring oneself.”

Danielle Simone Brand writes about parenting, yoga, cannabis, and pop culture. She has been a yoga teacher for over a decade, and currently teaches people of all ages across San Diego. When not writing or teaching yoga, you can find Danielle playing with her two kids and puppy.

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