How one woman lost 45 pounds by changing her routine every 30 days

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How it works

Lutkin says the weight loss method is effective because a month is long enough to see progress and short enough to make a commitment.

“I think, psychologically, it is very much easier to say, ‘Ok, I’m only going to do this for 30 days,’ than ‘This is the thing I’m going to do every day for the rest of my life,’ and that’s a very hard thing to grapple with,” Lutkin explains.

If you have a sedentary lifestyle, for example, Lutkin recommends making a goal to do something active each day for 45 minutes. Every month, try something different. The first month you can go for a 45 minute walk each day, the next month you can switch to bike riding, followed by swimming the next. The change in routine will continuously reinvigorate weight loss by challenging your body in new ways and will give you something different to look forward to, says the writer.

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