How He Loses 55 Pounds On 3,500 Calories Daily

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Tyson Fury’s Ketogenic Diet Burns Fat, Boosts Weight Loss

Prior to an hour-long training session, Tyson consumes a gel similar to the product used by cyclists. Following the session, his body goes into ketosis.

“When he’s done an hour’s session, the carbohydrate is out of his body. He utilizes a different fuel source which burns fat.”

The focus is on weight management, emphasized Tyson’s nutritionist. Fury must be lighter in weight in order to “put on the show that Tyson wants.” When Fury beat Klitschko, he weighed less than 18 stone. According to Marriott, Tyson did “everything wrong” achieving that weight.

This time around, however, if Fury follows the ketogenic diet, Greg has faith that the boxer can achieve that weight loss the right way.

“We want to get him to a maintenance weight so then we can push hard, and really take the weight off him. Rome wasn’t built in a day but it is definitely achievable,” summed up the ketogenic diet specialist.

Sample Ketogenic Meal And Biggest Keto Weight Loss Diet Myth

As part of his ketogenic diet, Tyson avoids any type of sugar, even sugar from natural sources such as fruit, revealed Fury’s nutritionist. For breakfast, for example, Fury eats a form of bread that is low in carbohydrates, avocado, eggs, and bacon, avoiding any sugars such as tomatoes.

While Tyson finds the ketogenic diet challenging, the boxer can have an occasional treat on a cheat day, added the nutritionist.

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