How He Loses 55 Pounds On 3,500 Calories Daily

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The ketogenic diet has soared in popularity in recent months, with celebrities such as Kim Kardashian and Beyonce boosting the spotlight on the high fat, low carb weight loss plan. Beyonce famously lost 30 pounds in three weeks with the keto diet, as the Inquisitr reported.

But the sports world also is turning attention to the ketogenic diet, and boxer Tyson Fury is becoming the Kim Kardashian of the boxing world when it comes to highlighting the potential benefits of a keto weight loss plan. Fury is consuming seven meals daily that add up to 3,500 calories. By following that ketogenic diet, Tyson has lost more than 50 pounds, reported Sky Sports.

Tyson Fury’s Weight Loss Plan

In addition to using the basic guidelines involved in a ketogenic diet (high in fat, low in carbohydrates, with some protein), Fury consumes a calculated amount of calories. Currently, based on how many calories Tyson burns in the gym, he is eating 3,500 daily. Fury’s nutritionist Greg Marriott explained to the publication how Tyson is consuming so many calories and still losing weight. Greg revealed that the boxer has lost almost four stone (equivalent to 56 pounds).

“If you have 1,000 calories but you expend 1,000 calories in the gym, you’re on nil. When you try to cut weight [without enough calories] then you hit the wall. Tyson needs to be on 3,500 calories a day.”

Eating too few calories results in fatigue, cautioned Fury’s nutritionist. That fatigue causes many boxers to become “unstuck.” Consequently, Tyson’s ketogenic weight loss plan will include more food when he burns more calories. For example, if he is burning off 2,000 calories in the gym, Fury will consume 5,500 calories. That food will be divided among seven ketogenic meals a day.

Tyson Fury is following a ketogenic diet to achieve his weight loss goals.

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Tyson Fury Needs Healthy Mind To Sculpt Healthy Body At Fighting Weight

But to succeed in the ring, it’s not just about weight loss, emphasized Marriott. A healthy diet plays a key role in helping Tyson succeed mentally as well as physically.

“Killing yourself in the gym after a protein shake is not the right thing to do. You need to feed the mind, and you need a healthy mind before you fight.”

With Fury focused on low-intensity training, the nutrition expert put him on a ketogenic diet. The plan contains some protein, high amounts of fat, and “minimal carbohydrates.” Greg has designed what he calls a “targeted keto” diet that changes the sources of fuel.

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