How British TV Shows Will Address the Royal Wedding

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The Great British Baking Show

Invited to create cakes for Harry and Meghan’s bachelor and hen parties, the two remaining bakers, Madge and Bertham, set to work. Madge creates a scale model of Windsor Castle’s chapel, complete with a marzipan royal family, including even obscure members like Princess Michael of Kent. Bertham makes polka-dot cupcakes using M&M’s. He is thoroughly excoriated by the judges, who tell him that his work is “a bit of a dust-up” and “not really the thing.” As Bertham stoically thanks the judges, before heading off to weep in the countryside, Madge, the new winner, modestly explains that she learned a “wee bit of baking” while working toward a Masters of Cookery from the Royal Academy of Bakestuffs.

Doctor Who

The series will use the actual wedding live stream as its platform to introduce the eighty-ninth doctor, who will be played by a small turtle. This will be greeted by extensive press coverage and controversy.

The Crown

To tell the fascinating story of the American princess-to-be, Meghan Markle, the makers of “The Crown” will focus on her new butler, the nearest narrow-minded, old, straight, white man. We’ll follow his journey, which starts with uneasy feelings about how Britannia is changing so rapidly, conveyed by numerous shots of him smoking pensively on a palace balcony, while planning for the wedding takes places in soft focus behind him. The season will conclude with the merest hint that he might be willing to accept Ms. Markle, demonstrated by his barely perceptible bow as she passes him on her way to the ceremony.

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