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Here’s how 8 women got over their insecurities in bed

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Kara, 32 years old, also felt that her vagina was disappointing her partners. “I used to be really uncomfortable with oral sex and would spend way too much time wondering if it smelled OK or what it tasted like instead of letting myself relax and enjoy it,” she said.

She added that it wasn’t until she came out as bisexual and started sleeping with women that she realized how much time she had been wasting with worry.
“I think coming out as your authentic self is the only way to even begin having better sex,” she told HG.

Zaina, 24, said that she got over her body image issues by taking a burlesque class and going skinny dipping. Both things helped her feel at home in her own skin, she said.
Catie, 27, told us:

“I used to feel incredibly self-conscious and anxious when I first became sexually active as a teen — about my weight, about how much pubic hair was appropriate, about how I should smell. But by my early twenties, it occurred to me that the kind of person who is weird about pubic hair or fat rolls is not the kind of person I want to have an intimate relationship with. I love my body, and if someone I’m sleeping with has hang-ups about it, then that says more about them than it does me. They can keep walking because YO, there are 7 billion people on this plane,t and you only get a handful of decades in your life to f*ck as many of them as possible before you die.”

Preach, Catie, preach.

Bronwyn also felt that her body wasn’t up to par. She used to wonder if her boobs looked “saggy” or if her pubic hair was on point. She used to wonder during sex,”Do I look sexy?”
So how did she stop worrying about her looks while getting busy? By remembering that everyone is different, basically. “I work really hard not to compare myself to other women, too. I’ve really come to realize that everyone has their own tastes,” she said.

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