Heartbreak as 29-year-old mum is told she has cancer with just days to live

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Sammi Fox, 29, of North Shields, who has been given days to live after being diagnosed with cancer, with Down’s syndrome son Bobby, 5 and niece Brooke, 2

As emotions overflow, from her hospice bed Sammi wrote a heartfelt message to her friends and family on her Facebook page.

It said: “As most of you are aware I’ve been quite unwell for sometime now. My diagnosis is bowel cancer which has spread to my ovaries. As of today I’ve been given literally DAYS to spend with my beautiful friends and family! I’m going to miss every single beautiful person I’ve met in my life – there’s some absolutely awesome people in my life and I love you truly!

She added: “Today I was given the news of literally days, maybe a week to live!! I have 2 beautiful boys who I’m going to miss growing up! I have amazing family and friends that I want to spend my life with but can’t!! I just want you all to know how much you truly all mean to me!! I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!!!”

In a heartbreaking video taken in the hospice, Sammi is seen listening to Bobby’s favourite song Take Me Home by Jess Glynne as she prepares to say goodbye.

Sammi’s nightmare started about eight months ago when she had stomach problems and says was treated for Irritable Bowel Syndrome.

It was later thought she could possibly have gallstones and was sent for a scan which discovered a tumour on her ovaries.

On September 8 she got a phone call to tell her the shocking news. She was then offered a full hysterectomy but was in so much pain was admitted to North Tyneside General Hospital on October 2 and then transferred to Northumbria Specialist Emergency Care Hospital.

Kelle added: “On October 5 she had four litres of fluid drained from her stomach and put on a morphine pump. She had another four litres drained the following day.

“She had a CT scan and on October 7 had a biopsy and a camera down to her bowels. On October 8 a consultant said we might be able to shrink the tumour but then on October 9 she got the news she only had days to possibly a week to live.

“Her main concern was Bobby, but she is so brave she doesn’t show how she feels underneath.

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