Growing A Beard Could Change Your Life

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As winter wraps her steely fingers around the southern hemisphere, girlfriends everywhere will inevitably start abusing their long-suffering boyfriends—warming ice cold feet on unsuspecting arses, hamstrings and calves.

Aside from attracting someone less vindictive, a beard will improve your life in a number of ways. As Gwilym Pugh—formerly a 127kg insurance salesman, now a ‘smouldering’ international model—will attest, the difference can be dramatic.

First and foremost, having a beard changes your appearance. We all get to a stage in our lives when we just know something has to change. And a beard is a far more creative (and cheaper) solution than updating your wardrobe (also: much easier than getting some exercise). Yes: you need to maintain it, but essentially you are letting your body do its natural thing.

In the same way that different styles of sunglasses suit different people, a beard can create the illusion of a different face shape. This means, with a beard, you could potentially re-create your whole look if you wanted to. There aren’t many more striking examples of this than Gwilym Pugh.

Obviously, a huge part of his transformation was weight-loss. But the beard certainly helps. And whether or not you end up hanging out with David Beckham and representing Gillette, it’s a sure fire way to add a certain je sais quoi to your current style.

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