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Lancaster County’s first goat yoga class is here, starring eight bouncing baby pygmy goats.

Starting Friday, June 22, the Amish Farm and House will have yoga classes with triplets Jakey, Julie and Jerry, quadruplets Tiny Tim, Teddy, Tommy and Tilly plus Ellie. Fitness classes are something new for the business, but the attraction on Lincoln Highway East hopes goat yoga will attract locals. They may be on to something. The first class has already sold out.

Amish Farm’s classes were born with Ellie, a baby goat with an underdeveloped leg. When Ellie’s mother rejected her, our guide Mikayla Horst brought the kid home to bottle-feed. While most goats start walking within hours, it took Ellie two days to learn to stand, with the help of a hot pink brace. She’s now running and playing, with a slight limp.

Horst and Jamie Burkhart, the site’s social media/events coordinator, wondered if they could share the cuteness of Ellie and the other baby goats with the world.

“They’re super playful right now,” Horst says. “Anything that they’re near that they can climb on, they will jump on.”

A few farms claim to invent yoga with goats, but what is clear is its popularity. After The Oregonian wrote an story two years ago, more than 600 people joined a waiting list to go to a goat yoga session. Interest has grown since then, with online searches spiking in January. There are hashtags (#goatyoga #goatyogi) and many pictures shared on social media. Goats balanced on backs. Goats cradled in arms. Just goats.

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