FTC Says Get-Rich-Quick Promoters Sought To Suppress Reviews 08/10/2018

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In 2016, Congress enacted the
Consumer Review Fairness Act — a bill that aims to protect consumers’ right to post critiques of businesses.

The measure, which took effect last December, invalidates standardized terms of
service that restrict consumers’ ability to post reviews. Now, for the first time, the Federal Trade Commission is charging a company with violating that law.

The FTC alleges in a complaint
unveiled this week that the Minneapolis-based business Sellers Playbook — which hawked a system for selling products on Amazon — not only made bogus promises that consumers would get rich, but also
attempted to stifle reviews.

Sellers Playbook, which took in around $15 million since April of 2017, sold a business opportunity package that included a three-day workshop and access to a
website, according to the FTC’s complaint.

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