Free “Yoga for Progress” Will Help Black Women & Girls Unwind Aug. 25

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“Sometimes when you walk into those spaces… the people aren’t friendly or you don’t feel welcome, or you don’t feel included,” Madison says. “We want to create a space where black women feel valued, they feel welcomed, they just feel like they belong there without having to sort of like apologize and make excuses for being in the space that they want to enjoy too.”

The event will take place at Hoyt Park from 10 to 2; in the event of a rainy day the location will be at the Boys and Girls in Fitchburg. Either way, food and drinks will be provided, as well as a DJ playing throughout the day. This is a free event; however, The Progress Center for Black Women is the organization carrying the event and they encourage donations so they can continue to sustain it. Sabrina’s plan is to continue the program and add more classes, and donations are advised to keep it up and running.

“Honestly, I just hope black women have a good time,” she says. “I just want folks to walk away with having felt rejuvenated, renewed, like I got my spirit lifted sort of feeling. And I want them to have met new people because oftentimes too when you live in a city like Madison, we’re here but there may not be a ton of us, and sometimes we don’t see each other’s faces throughout the day. I want them to connect with new people and then I want… younger women to have opportunity to talk with older women and just conversate…It just feels like black girl magic I guess. They just feel this joy.”

To get involved, or get someone you know involved, just show up in athletic wear, a water bottle, and a smile on your face! This will be a welcoming, and ever accepting environment. Everyone is welcome!

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