Free “Yoga for Progress” Will Help Black Women & Girls Unwind Aug. 25

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Sabrina Madison has dedicated her life to the work of Black women in the community, most recently founding the Progress Center for Black Women, a project that landed her on the Woke 100 List for 2018 in Essence magazine.

Madison said she’s been contacted by many of the Black parents of the community looking for activities for their girls where they would be surrounded by other black girls. After several conversations and an appeal for donated mats, Madison’s idea to fulfill this need will take place on Saturday, August 25 with Yoga for Progress + WERQ.

“I didn’t really have many resources to send them to, and so I figured I would create some yoga classes for black girls just to help them deal with some of the various problems or stress. And just create a space for them,” Madison said.

Throughout the Madison and Dane county area, yoga studios and yoga instructors are predominately white; so Sabrina made it her mission to create a yoga space for Black women and girls to feel warm and welcome. Sabrina started this journey by going out and collecting a variety of yoga mats for the guests to use instead of them needing to purchase or rent their own. She then made it a priority to find a certified Black yoga instructor, and when she couldn’t find one she then took it upon herself to have Keena Atkinson specially trained to lead the class. She also wanted to make it more involved and decided to offer WERQ, a workout practice similar to ZUMBA, so the class feels more interactive and engaging.

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