Floyd Mayweather #MeToo Movement Confusion With Clipse’s ‘Mr. Me Too’

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We’re asking a lot of men, in light of the #MeToo movement, how men can grow in 2018.
Mayweather: The who?
The #MeToo movement. Women speaking out about sexual assault.
Mayweather: When you say “me too” … When somebody is like, “I got a Rolls Royce, I be like ‘me too.’” When somebody say they got a private jet, I say, “Me too. I got two. Me too.”
This is a very different —
Mayweather: Well, I didn’t know! My Me Too movement from the beginning was whenever somebody said what they have I’m like, “me too.” Somebody say they got a billion dollars, I say, “I made a billion dollars, me too.”

It seems like Mayweather primarily interprets the term in the style-stealing context that the Clipse spoke of on their 2006 “Mr. Me Too” single. It’s not a surprise that Mayweather – who has been convicted of domestic violence in the past – would be in the dark about a movement spearheaded by women intolerant of disrespect.

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