Floyd Mayweather #MeToo Movement Confusion With Clipse’s ‘Mr. Me Too’

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Floyd Mayweather #MeToo Movement Confusion With Clipse’s ‘Mr. Me Too’

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In the wake of women survivors of sexual assault and harassment uniting and exposing their assailants across industries, #MeToo has become one of the most resonant rallying cries of the social media era. The term is a simple affirmation of solidarity with other women who have too long felt like they had to be silent about abuse by powerful men like Harvey Weinstein, Russell Simmons and too many more. The movement is one of the most important stories of the moment and recently took precedence at the Golden Globes with an all-black protest against sexual assault.

It would seem like everyone not living under a rock would understand the movement and advocate for it, but leave it to Floyd Mayweather to show us otherwise. In a recent interview with Mens Health, Mayweather offered his understanding of the #MeToo term:

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