Fixing-a-ceiling-fan-that-wobbles, ceiling fans circulate the air in a room, helping keeping the temperature comfortable while keeping your cooling bills down. the longer the fan's blades, the more the air circulates and the cooler the room is. as with all machines that have moving parts, ceiling fans will suffer from wear and begin to get loose.. Remove the canopy where the fan attaches to the ceiling and tighten any screws. these screws keep the fan attached, and wobbling will be the least of your worries if they get too loose. undo the screws and slide the canopy down, then hand-tighten any visible screws where the fan meets the ceiling to ensure that the fan is well attached., solution 3 = a fan blade may be bent upwards which hits the side of the ceiling fan housing. bend the blade back into place to stop the blade from hitting the housing. reason 4 = a component of the fan is loose and causes a clicking, humming, or rubbing sound.