Fatboy Slim ‘dating’ ex-wife Zoe Ball’s friend Nicola Lokko

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Fatboy Slim ‘dating’ ex-wife Zoe Ball’s friend Nicola Lokko (Picture: Nicola Lokko/Facebook, Getty)

Norman Cook, aka Fatboy Slim, is reportedly dating his ex-wife Zoe Ball’s close pal Nicola Lokko.

Both Norman and Zoe decided to go their separate ways in 2016, after being together for more than 18 years.

However, despite recent claims that the 55-year-old was still healing from his split with the presenter, it appears he has slowly got back into the dating world, and has found love again in his new partner Nicola.

Reports claim that the pair hit things off straight away and have since happily moved in with each other.

But, even though they may see no problems with themselves sparking up a relationship, close friends are allegedly ‘gobsmacked’ at their bold move.

It is believed they have moved in together (Picture: Getty Images)

Insiders reportedly told The Sun that Zoe is ‘freaked out’ after hearing the news and has moved away from Brighton, where she lived two doors down from Norman, to the close-by village Ditchling.

They told the publication: ‘Norman deserves to be happy, but his choice of partner has upset the apple cart.’

When Norman and Zoe broke up, they revealed in a statement that they were ‘still in a great place’ despite coming to ‘the end of their rainbow.’

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