Exercise is good, but during pregnancy?

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“There are a lot of benefits to exercise. Not only does it make you feel better, it helps with your fatigue, it helps with weight gain, and it reduces risk of many things. So it reduces your risk of high blood pressure, diabetes, of having a large baby, and it helps you maintain your maternal weight,” says Angela Langer.

And Four States Yoga owner, Jessica Taylor has seen the difference yoga can do during her pregnancy. 

“It’s going to help relieve some of that stress in the hips. It’s going to help with your breathing, it’s going to help when you are giving birth, actually the muscles that you’ve developed for actually giving birth as well as relieving nausea, headaches,” says Jessica Taylor.

Even Joplin resident, Ulla Delman has seen the positive results.

“Just on the day to day stuff; tying my shoes, getting out of bed. I mean all those things are getting harder and harder and I definitely think that yoga’s making it a lot easier to do those day to day things for sure,” says Ulla Delman.

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