Essential Yoga Flow for Weightlifters You Can Do At Home

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There’s nothing quite like lifting weights. It may not give you the same high as a 5-mile run, but when it comes to building strength, feeling empowered, and transforming your body, there’s nothing quite like lifting. (And, bam: There are more benefits of lifting weights.)

That said, if you only lift and don’t work on mobility, you’re bound to get tight AF.

A simple solution? Add a little yoga to your life. Sarah Levey, founder of popular NYC-based Y7 Studio, designed this quickie yoga-for-weightlifters flow so it’s easy to do anywhere (at home, right in front of the squat rack, between dumbbell racks) and will help release some of those muscles you put to work every day.

Watch the video to see Levey demo the flow, and follow along below for a cheat sheet. (Also check out this signature hot Vinyasa flow from Y7.)

How it works: Hold each pose for 3 breaths before flowing to the next. Then repeat the sequence on the other side. Next, speed up your flow to 1 breath, 1 movement.

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