Environmental chemicals may boost body weight : study

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Participants also had levels of PFASs in their blood measured.

On average, those in the program lost 14 pounds (6.4 kilograms) in the first six months, but regained six lbs (2.7 kg) over the course of the following year and a half.

“Those who gained the most weight back also had the highest blood concentrations of PFASs, and the link was strongest among women,” said the report in the journal PLOS Medicine.

“On average, women who had the highest PFAS blood levels (in the top third) regained 3.7-4.8 lbs (1.7-2.2 kg more body weight than women in the lowest third.”

Researchers also discovered that those with higher blood concentrations of PFASs “were significantly associated with lower resting metabolic rates.”

PFASs have been have been around for 60 years, and have contaminated drinking water near some industrial sites, military bases, and wastewater treatment plants.

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