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The word “chakra” dates back centuries and refers to the study of energetic anatomy or energy channels in the body.

“There is some cool modern research on chakras that are supporting these ancient practices, yoga in particular,” said Metzelaars.

In an effort to promote what Metzelaars refers to as being conscious, confident and creative, she along with Lauren VanNatta, owner of LHB Photography, set out last week and visited landmarks like the Effingham Veterans Memorial, the former courthouse gazebo and the Effingham County Museum.

“I love the downtown courthouse area,” said Metzelaars. “I love the old courthouse building, the thriving farmers market, the pavilion, the trees. It’s a perfect place to do yoga.”

The pair also visited several businesses, including Stang Arts, Millennium Accessories, the Effingham Daily News and The Office Pub, in front of which Metzelaars performed a seated twist, which she explained was a way to “detoxify the liver and kidneys” after a night out.

“I describe it to my yoga students by having them imagine a dirty rag,” said Metzelaars. “When you place it in a bucket of water and wring it, the dirty is squeezed out. So when you twist your body and then breathe deeply, which is important, you’ll feel your organs compressing, so that tissue is essentially being wrung out.”

While Metzelaars performed various yoga postures, VanNatta took photos of each to then publish online in an effort to promote both yoga and the downtown community. Using various social media sites, such as Instagram, the photos were accompanied by hashtags such as #mysteryyogi and #effinghamillinois, as well as small yoga lessons.

“I’m having a blast posting the images and the lessons that go along with them,” said Metzelaars. “I’m really glad we did it but I do think we have more work to do. I’d like to do another shoot before the month is over and maybe go to places like the performance center and Heart Theatre.

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