Drinking Tomato Juice Every Day Can Help Get Rid of Belly Fat

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Belly fat is a notoriously tricky issue to solve, even if you’re someone who’s incredibly vigilant about your diet and exercise. Our tummies just love to cling onto those extra inches, don’t they? That’s not to say there’s anything wrong with having a little bit of plumpness around our midections, but for those who are hoping to slim down, you might want to try adding one simple drink to your daily life: tomato juice. It might sound too good to be true — unless you’re someone who can’t stand the taste, sorry! — but there are plenty of studies to back up this claim.

Tomato Juice for Weight Loss

A 2014 study observed 30 women and asked them to drink about 8 oz. of tomato juice every day without changing anything else about their ordinary eating and exercise habits. The subjects followed this rule for two months and, according to the results, saw a significant decrease in their weight and inches around their waistlines. An earlier study from the British Journal of Nutrition in 2013 correlates with those findings; it found that tomato juice helped to reduce inflammatory mediators that are associated with becoming overweight and the development of diabetes in females.

Obviously, we aren’t trying to say that tomato juice is some sort of magic potion that will suddenly slim you down with zero other effort put forth; maintaining a balanced diet and regular exercise are always important to keep in mind for overall health. Instead, adding tomato juice to your daily consumption just might help give your body an extra boost of nutrients to hopefully speed things along. Unless you’re completely grossed out by the idea of chugging cold, liquified tomatoes once a day, you have to admit it’s at least worth a shot to see if you can experience the same results. But weight issues aren’t the only perk a tall glass of tomato juice can unpack. Keep scrolling to learn more perks the fruit provides.

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