Drake Shows Off His $750,000 Erotic Richard Mille Watch In Vegas

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The top bar features changeable phrases like: “I want to”; “I need to”; “I long to”; “I lust to”; “I’d love to” and “Let me”

The middle bar joins it up with adjectives like: “explore”; “taste”; “kiss”; “arouse”; “devour”; and “caress”

And the bottom bar lights up the message with: “you tonight”; “your lips”; “your body”; “your nipples”; “your pussy”; and “you madly”

Get the combination right and it could read: “Let me devour your pussy”

Subtle. Surprisingly Drake only chose to post the most conservative of message combinations onto social media.

The Richard Mille’s staggering price tag comes from appointments such as a grade 5 titanium case and an oracle complication which mimics a Tibetan prayer wheel.

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