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Not only are you not giving your body enough time to digest all the food you’re feeding it, but “you’re also stretching out your stomach because you have to put more food in in a short period of time,” Autumn said. “And if you end up coming off intermittent fasting at some point in your life, you’ve essentially stretched your stomach out. You’ve also trained your body to want to eat a large quantity of food in a short amount of time, so you have to untrain yourself.”

“I feel like intermittent fasting is sort of based off of when we hunted and gathered,” Autumn continued. She imagines that, during that period, humans hunted and gathered all their food at once, ate it, and then rested for the rest of the day. “But we don’t live like that anymore,” she concluded. “We’re up super early, we start our days early, we go all day long — even if physically we’re not going, mentally we’re going. And your brain needs energy too.”

Although Autumn acknowledges that “there are plenty of people who love it,” IF isn’t something she’d recommend to her clients. “For me, personally, it’s not my favorite theory or way of fueling a person’s body,” she said.

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