Doctors told woman her golf-ball sized brain tumour was the menopause

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Karen Yardley was told her tumour was nothing to worry about (Picture: Birmingham Mail/BPM Media)

A mum diagnosed with a brain tumour the size of a golf ball went to the doctor more than 10 times – only to be told she just had the menopause.

Karen Yardley was suffering with migraines, insomnia, exhaustion, jumpy legs and aches and pains.

But instead of medics quickly recognising what was going on, she was prescribed HRT to help her cope with ‘the change’.

After two years of misdiagnoses she went ‘crawling into the GP on my hands and knees’ and was finally referred for an MRI scan. The scan revealed she had a 4cm – one and a half inches – tumour behind her eye socket.

‘I went to the doctor and at first I was given a muscle relaxant to ease my legs,’ recalls Karen, from Meriden.

‘Then I was given nasal sprays, as I felt like my airways were infected.

Karen was eventually given a brain scan (Picture: Birmingham Mail/BPM Media)

‘After that, I was given HRT because the doctor said it was typical of the menopause.’

Karen was still concerned so she went to have her sight checked in case that was the cause of the crippling headaches.

‘I went for an eye test at a local Boots, where they said I had a lot of pressure behind the eye,’ she says.

‘Then I went to the hospital eye clinic too, but still no-one suspected a tumour.

‘I felt like there was something inside of me. I just knew there was something wrong.

‘One day I collapsed, and I went crawling into the doctors on my hands and knees. I was a mess.’

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