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Do It Yourself Soil pH Test

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four. Add sufficient water to show the soil to mud.

5. Add a half cup of baking soda and stir.

If the soil fizzes, foams, or bubbles, your soil  is acidic. If neither check produced much of an effect, your soil might be in the impartial range.

This check can inform you toward which finish of the soil ph scale your soil is leaning, but for a precise measurement, you will want to get a pH soil testing package or ship a soil pattern out to a lab for testing. You should purchase residence testing kits at most garden facilities and your local cooperative extension service typically sells them, too. They will also check your soil for you.

Typically, acidic soil is made impartial by including lime and alkaline soil is corrected with sulfur. How much to add depends upon the precise correction needed, so the more correct the check the higher.

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