DNA-damaged sperm passes cancerous genes to kids; yoga helps: AIIMS research

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A research conducted at the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) has revealed that oxidative stress (OS) or oxidative DNA damage (ODD) in sperm may lead to childhood cancer.

The researchers had taken a sample size of 131 fathers and children with Rb (cancer gene) against 50 healthy pairs. These sets were examined and then re-examined with yoga and meditation compliance at every follow-up. The yoga sets, who quit smoking as well, showed reduced DNA damage over a period of six months.

The process of oxidation happens as our bodies process the oxygen that we breathe in and our cells produce energy from it. This process also produces free radicals –which interact with the molecules within our cells resulting in damage to nearby cells. Free radicals are normal and necessary to some degree. In addition to causing some damage, they also stimulate repair. It is only when the amount of free radicals produced overwhelms the repair processes that it becomes an issue and this is what is called ‘oxidative stress’.

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