Did Jackson Cheat On Maggie While He Was Away On ‘Grey’s Anatomy’? Things Aren’t Looking Good For The Couple

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In a clip from Thursday’s episode posted on Twitter, Maggie confronts Jackson about some mysterious texts. He doesn’t hide the fact that he not only met someone when he was at a monastery, but has also stayed in contact with her. That alone isn’t awful, but the fact that he seemed to hide it from Maggie probably wasn’t a good idea. Side note: who finds romance at a monastery?

He went off on this exploration of God and religion to figure out his own beliefs, knowing that Maggie didn’t share them and that he couldn’t talk to her about it. Instead, he found someone else — a lady someone else — who he could talk to. And after leaving the monastery, he’s continued to talk to her without telling Maggie. Up until this point, their relationship was on solid ground. They had a slow start, but after Jackson reciprocated Maggie’s feelings, things started moving forward. They got past the whole “my mom is married to your biological dad” issue and after getting April’s blessing, it was supposed to be smooth sailing. Unfortunately, this hiccup is the first big warning sign that all is not well in the land of really really ridiculously good looking doctors.

Showrunner Krista Vernoff told Deadline that there could be some obstacles for Maggie and Jackson this season, partly due to his newfound faith. “Maggie and Jackson have a new romance. We spent a season burning them committing to each other romantically, but they’re in the early stages. A relationship isn’t really a relationship until it’s gone through some challenges,” she said. “I do think that there are some interesting challenges coming up for that couple, and you have to tune in to see how they navigate them.”

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