Diary of a Little Woman | A period of discovery on the threshold of womanhood

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But how embarrassing it must be. Announcing all this to the whole village!


After Najju Paati got married, it seems Ramu Thatha’s mother never allowed her into the kitchen during her periods because it would contaminate things. “Not that I am complaining. For those three days, I could just chillax,” Najju Paati cackled. Her cackle sounds like a mix of a crow and a fox.


I told Amma I would bunk school when I get my periods. And would take off from my household chores. “We’ll see about it, miss,” was all she said. Something tells me I’m not going to escape so easily.


Najju Paati said that when the day finally comes, she would take me lingerie shopping. Yay!


But I really hope the day doesn’t come.


Sometimes I think it’s better to be born as a boy. No matter how disgusting Rahul and his gang of Superboyz are, they’ll never have to suffer from period cramps every month. In fact, they should be the ones bleeding for making up that “We Are The Super Boyz” song. It makes my ears bleed. And what’s worse is singing it to the tune of ‘We Are The Champions’. They totally ruined Queen for me.


Ok. Good night, diary. This has been a bloody long day and I need to sleep over it.


(Sspch. Neetu Miss is going to be impressed with all this wordplay!)



(This is the first in a series of diary entries that explore womanhood with the innocence of — well — innocence.)

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