Depression Symptoms and Warning Signs

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Depression is considered one of the primary symptoms of bipolar disorder. However, it is actually a set of symptoms characteristic of one aspect of bipolar disorder. An episode of depression, as it relates to bipolar disorder, is the downswing in a mood cycle. An episode of depression is debilitating, often leaving the sufferer completely dysfunctional. It is an extreme emotional state that impairs daily living.

So it is important to be familiar with the warning signs of depression.

Fluctuations Between Mania and Depression

Bipolar disorder is a disease — it is a medical condition that causes psychological problems to such a degree that daily functioning is hampered by the symptoms. The most predominant symptoms come together into episodes that are extremes of mood known as mania and depression. These extremes of mood are well beyond the normal mood fluctuations all people experience and are not proportional responses to life events.

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