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Critters and pests: Quebec homeowners face potential post-flooding woes

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“It’s just about the identical points (elsewhere) – the only factor that’s totally different is the forms of species we’re speaking about,” Hardy stated, adding other parasites are well-established throughout the nation.

Hardy says dealing with pests remains the identical: cleaning up properties, getting rid of stagnant water, fixing foundations and taking care to dry out elements of the home exposed to water and changing any wood uncovered to water.

Scott Pemberton, naturalist at the Morgan Arboretum, stated part of the solution is growing consciousness concerning the totally different species and the best way to cope with them.

“In a yr the place we had a ton of snow and plenty of rain, you might need to spend a bit more time than normal on spring cleansing,” Pemberton stated.

“It starts with something small that can undoubtedly get out of hand.”

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