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Critters and pests: Quebec homeowners face potential post-flooding woes

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Flooded houses face potential mould issues, which, apart from the human health impression, deliver their very own set of parasites like flies, Hardy stated.

Damaged timber, debris and wood inside houses left humid from long-term water publicity may be ripe territory for wooden lice and carpenter ants.

Hardy stated carpenter ants are an enduring legacy in Montreal-area communities alongside the Richelieu River and Lake Champlain that have been struck by floods in 2011.

“In Quebec, carpenter ants are extremely current,” stated Hardy. “Even in city areas, we see them so much, it’s not only a rural phenomenon.

“Sadly an issue like that may persist for years. The chilly weather is just not sufficient to have it go away.”

Displaced critters similar to raccoons, rats, mice and groundhogs ultimately return in search of food and shelter, Hardy stated.

Cracks in house foundations that aren’t shortly repaired provide an opening for smaller rodents as cold weather units in.

Different flood-struck areas this yr like Ontario and British Columbia face comparable potential problems.

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