CoverGirl Launches Project PDA to Fight Makeup Shaming

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For those who happened to see a whole lot of people applying their make-up on the subway lately, you may need caught CoverGirl’s latest campaign launch IRL. The sweetness model just lately carried out a survey by Ipsos on how ladies feel about applying makeup in public, and unearthed some fascinating findings. The overarching theme was that makeup-shaming is more prevalent than you may assume — and it instantly impacts how beauty lovers strategy their every day routines. For example, more than half of the women who reported sporting makeup said that they might really feel uncomfortable doing their make-up in public. And as soon as the model dug a bit of deeper, it wasn’t all that troublesome to see why. From indicators on the subway that encourage individuals to take their makeup software elsewhere to much less seen societal pressures, there’s an uncomfortable quantity of attempted control over our make-up routines.

As a part of their venture, CoverGirl sent a whole lot of individuals to apply their makeup in public — on the subway and in outside vanities throughout New York — then interviewed them concerning the expertise. Watch all of it go down under: