Couples that work out together tend to stay together, and Hong Kong pair are living proof

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“When I teach yoga trainers, I keep saying to them: take yoga seriously but don’t take yourself seriously, otherwise, you’d be stuck up and not have fun doing the exercise,” said Chau.

Now Hawkshaw is a seasoned hiker who loves trekking with Chau at Violet Hill, though he admits he still complains “a bit, but mostly it’s about being too hot, [and] about carrying my backpack with water bottles”, he laughs.

Next year, the duo plan to climb Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania (the highest peak in Africa) to celebrate their 40th birthdays. One lesson Hawkshaw has learned is that patience is key.

“Fitness, like relationships is not something [where] you’re going to get overnight results,” he cautions. “You can go to one spin class and sweat really well; you can also go to a bar and pick someone up and sweat really well afterwards, but that is not the goal.”

Instead of seeking an instant hit of endorphins, aim to build a life together that is healthy – emotionally, physically and spiritually – he advises, something which can take time.

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The joy of it is seeing each other go through transformations, and proudly calling each other their loved one.

“I’m looking forward to my forties so I can be in even better shape,” says Hawkshaw.

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