Cole Swindell Teases New Album of ‘Damn Good Songs’: Video

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At the 53rd annual Academy of Country Music Awards on Sunday, Cole Swindell stopped to chat with Billboard’s Laela Zadeh about his love of ’90s country music and what fans can expect from his next album.

Speaking of his appreciation of country music from his childhood, Swindell says that the artists and songs from the ’90s are “the only ones that can take me back to the feeling of falling in love with country music.

“And that goes for anybody,” he continues. “Any genre, any time period of music, when you realize, ‘This makes me feel something.’ And that was me as a kid in the ’90s. At an early age, songs were helping me out. … It was always there for me, and now, to be on the other side of it, having songs that are helping other kids, just people in general, out, that’s pretty cool.”

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