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“Yoga is all about connections, and people interpret that in different ways. For me, it’s through movement and observation of the breath and the body. It’s a connection to the spirit. It’s using the senses to get a deeper connection to yourself,” she continued.

Whitt said visual art provides the same connections.

“Any kind of artistic expression is ultimately about the expressions of the spirit from those performing or creating it, but it also can speak to the viewer.

“I want to play with that connection through movement and art,” said the yoga instructor.

Whitt said if the first yoga session is successful, the “Yoga in the Galleries” program will continue each month, offering a different exhibit each time.

“I hope ‘Yoga in the Galleries’ brings more people to the museum, deepens their connections to the artwork and helps them view it in a new light,” said Whitt. “There’s something new every time you come.”

During August, the yoga program will be inspired by the “Coal Country” exhibit, which examines the culture of coal in Appalachia, including the towns built by the coal companies and the lives of the people who called those towns home.

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