Charlotte Crosby shows off seriously toned stomach after dramatic weight loss – but fans are obsessed with her belly button

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Charlotte Crosby has sparked bizarre criticism over her belly button after sharing a snap of her super-taut stomach following her dramatic weight loss.

The reality star, who is currently happily loved up with Joshua Ritchie, seems to have seriously shed the pounds in the last eight weeks after she came under fire for gaining weight in pictures taken of her on holiday.

She was so incensed by the abusive remarks from trolls that she filmed an Instagram video on May 18 showing off her figure and denying she’d gained weight.

Charlotte was told she’d put on weight when pictures of her on holiday in May came out

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“All the people commenting on my photos saying ‘you have put weight on’, you are larger in your real pictures. So here is video footage of my body,” she told her critics in the footage filmed while she laid next to Joshua in bed on the isle of St Lucia.

“Same position as on my instas, you c***s. There are certain positions I may be in where I may look…”

“Like the Michelin Man,” Joshua quipped, which set Charlotte off giggling.

The reality star has been accused of photoshopping in the past

Now, two months on, Charlotte seems to have taken the nasty comments to heart as she showed off her extremely slim frame in a mirror selfie.

Posing in a black plunging bra and a tiny pair of pink pyjama shorts, Charlotte pouted as she snapped herself on her phone with one hand pulling down her shorts.

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