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GLASGOW – With the help of a seasoned guide, several women slipped into a state of zen.
With the lights turned out in a room at the Mary Weldon Wood Memorial Library, and Indian new age music issuing forth from a small speaker behind her, Beshka Moore, a Glasgow-based Yoga instructor, led a class through a range of stretches they could do while seated on chairs spread throughout the room.

“Yoga’s more about sort of achieving a state of mind than it is trying to look like a pretzel,” she said before beginning.
Chair yoga allows practitioners to go through a range of motions and stretches with the support of a chair, which Moore said makes it a good alternative for people who may find more traditional yoga too strenuous.
“So many of us have maybe had surgeries or maybe we’ve had issues in our rotator cuff or joint issues or arthritis,” she said. “So you don’t just come here today and those things are magically gone and these poses aren’t so magical that you do them a couple of times and you’re magically free of it but what it is is yoga is sort of a blend, it’s a practice, of sort of calming your mind and just sort of meeting your body where it is.”
Moore provides a series of free yoga classes at the library every year, she said.
Typically her month-long, four-class library series focuses on chair yoga because of its accessibility, she said.

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